Sipura-3000 (another newbie question from me)

I’m wanting to run Asterisk on FreeBSD 6. So far i’ve had not much luck, but then again i’ve been reading up on Asterisk 99% of the time and 1% at the terminal (well, SSH from my laptop).

I can’t quite be sure that the Sipura-3000 (or a similar device) would work if I went and bought one. Would FreeBSD have any issues with this?

When I say similar device, I was looking at one of the following :

[ ... dZViewItem](

Also, say I had PSTN going into FXO, then FXS going to analouge phone (one extension (but split out to two phones)), would the LAN port on the adapter give me another extension (internal), say, using a softphone on my laptop? I say internal becuase i’m not looking at a ITSP yet (not until i’ve got the basics).

Could I use the LAN to manage a couple of extensions? One for my laptop, one for my desktop, or would it just handle one.

Would they all work together as if all the same type (so to speak). So, I could use my softphone to make an outgoing call via my current PSTN? Or, transfer a call from the analogue phone to my softphone, conference, etc.

Then, say I wanted to one day get a ITSP, would I just plug into the WAN port on the adapter and be away?