SIPConnect & Asterisk

We’ve decided to go with CBeyond for integrated services. We’ve also decided to go with SIPConnect.
I am familiar with the concept, I’ve read FAQs, technical references (From CBeyond), however I am lacking any practical knowledge.

  • What are the implications of using Asterisk with SIPConnect? I would assume Asterisk sees it as a regular SIP Trunk.
  • Is there more to it?

I am unable to find much information on this subject. Can any of you guys shed some light on this subject?


:arrow_right: Alex / Lojikop


We had some DTMF issues with the Asterisk Code in TrixBox 2.6.1 (Asterisk 1.4.20). The DTMF tones would spontaneously stop working for inbound calls through the Cbeyond SIPConnect lines, but internal extensions and analog lines worked normally. A simple reboot used to fix the problem, but it finally got to the point that I had to delete and recreate the trunk when it would fail. Cbeyond does not support Asterisk versions 1.4.15 through 1.4.20, as they have some compatibility issues related to DTMF. They suggested I contact the TrixBox team to have them help get the (unsupported) Asterisk 1.4.21 code loaded on the TrixBox. I ended up loading the code manually. I downloaded the Asterisk 1.4.21-2 code (asterisk- from, compiled and installed it on my TrixBox (, and it works quite well. This seemed to have resolved the DTMF issues we were experiencing.

Note to other users attempting this operation: you will need to download and install both a C and C++ compiler before running the “./configure” and “makeâ€