Sipbroker problem with freephonie (*7596)

I’ve been using * ( atm) for quite some time and yesterday I decided to add sipbroker to my config. It was pretty simple and it works for some numbers (e.g. I can call *258-9123, UK date & time - which is on the “phone numbers you can call” page -) but fails for some others.

For example I’ve got a friend who’s at freephonie so to call him, I would dial *759608xxxxxxxx (7596 being

When I do that, I get the following error:
Jun 29 10:27:21 NOTICE[7916]: chan_sip.c:9685 handle_response_invite: Failed to authenticate on INVITE to ‘sip:0001@somehost.somedomain.tdl;tag=as32d2cdfe’

And here’s a snippet of what I get from ‘sip debug’:

Here’s what I got in sip.conf for sipbroker:

Any idea what’s going on? I’ve been reading quite a few papers about
SIP authentication but I still fail to understand what’s really
happening (or is freephonie not ‘open’)?

Any help is welcome!


Sip Broker, as you might know, is a ENUM number clearing service
also. Your successful call are probably ENUM calls.

I also noticed your sip.conf setup remarks


This, in my config would be
if I want calls from Sipbroker.

A register remark is neccesary to authenticate us to a Provider such as
register => your username : your
You may already have this, but it was not in the post.

Hope this helps:)