SIP/VOIP Provider

I’ve been a Vonage user for a number of years and am now more than ready to “move up in the world” and set up my own PBX; among other things, to get services that Vonage can’t or won’t provide, like distinctive ring.

But, I ALSO want the RELIABILITY of POTS and “Mother Bell” (or at least a reasonable facsimile); including things like E911 and “power outage” for my “main” line. One of the ways I’ve achieved that with Vonage is my service configuration. I have DSL provided by Frontier Communications (formerly known as Verizon, formerly known as GTE), and have the POTS line in the house for emergencies and as a fax line - but, our “main” line, connected to all of the other instruments (5.8 Ghz wireless POTS off the Vonage box) in the house is from Vonage.

I’ve talked to Vonage (which is a feat in itself) and the people that answered the phone were basically clueless and told me that there was no way they would provide me a SIP “presence” without THEIR equipment. I’ve also talked with 8x8 (very nice knowledgeable people, if I had to choose now, I’d choose 8x8 and still may switch to them); and while they understand what I want to do; they want me to buy “business service” and charge me a $250 “hook up” fee.

Are there any alternatives out there?

Thanks in advance!

Clay Jackson

There are a handful of well-established and affordable SIP trunk providers that can fulfill your service needs. Here are a few that I have direct experience with who will provide varying degrees of personal support communication. Typically, the cheaper the service, the less accessible the support will be.