SIP user works with Zoiper but the same data in Asterisk can't register

Hi to all.

I have a Asterisk system 13.1.0 installed in a synologi DS1513+ station with DSM 5.2-5644 Update 3

Well, at this time i have configured my asterisk using grandstream phones and a ATA gateway to do national calls, and a SIP user in the company netelip to do international calls. All works ok.

Now i would like to configure another SIP account to do national calls. This account works ok when i configure in a Zoiper client but i put the same information in a asterisk trunk and don’t work.

this is the account that i configure in zoiper an works fine (i mask data with * to protect the identity):

so this is the trunk configuration in asterisk:

so i try to read the log in order to solve my problem and i found:

[Feb 18 18:41:49] WARNING[23536] chan_sip.c: Probably a DNS error for registration to +349********, trying REGISTER again (after 20 seconds)
[Feb 18 18:41:49] NOTICE[23536] chan_sip.c: – Registration for ‘+349********’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #52)
[Feb 18 18:42:10] WARNING[23536] acl.c: Unable to lookup ‘’

If i do a ping to, the dns in my computer don’t resolve…strange…

Unable to lookup¿, not ping… strange… so i used wireshark to know how is possible that zoiper function right, and the ip of sip, appears:

i try to change to the ip, but not works right…

I don’t know why don’t works because the same data works fine in zoiper…

Somebody can help me and say me how i have to configure asterisk?


I can’t believe someone made the old Asterisk GUI work with Asterisk 13. That’s incredible.


We’ve asked the Synology people several times to stop distributing an abandoned piece of software - the web GUI that you’re using on top of Asterisk. Asterisk itself is very robust. We’ve told Synology that users like you end up frustrated with what they got, when it doesn’t work, and that they (Synology) need to stop contributing to frustration. So far, they don’t seem interested in changing anything they’re doing. We’ve reached out to their product management teams, and they quit responding to us.

It’s sad.

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