Sip:unknown parameter in invite message


I have an issue with a freepbx, i know you will say to contact them but the issue it is asterisk related / sip trunk.
The issue is in the INVITE message, i have the following FROM field on outbound calls:
From: “03********;tag=as25458b05.
The Vodafone is reading the second part of the field i mean :
not the first part: “03********” they see the callerid as sip: unknown not "03********"
How do i get rid of this Unknown, what do i need to configure on trunk

Please help me it is urgent

Firstly, please use the forum “</>” tool.

Vodafone is acting correctly. If the ********** is always the same number, you can set it in the channel technology configuration file, e.g. fromuser in sip.conf for chan_sip (you may need to use a file included from there with a GUI). You will have to ask the FreePBX people how to change a file that is nominally under their control.

If it is variable, you will need to set CALLERID{num} to the correct value in your dialplan. You definitely need to go back to the FreePBX people for how to do that.

This should be an FAQ for the FreePBX people, so going straight to them should have been sufficient.