SIP trunks using operator provided settings in Speetouch CPE


My ISP provides double play services over IP. I want to register my SIP accounts from within asterisk, and bypass the CPE installed by them. However I have had no luck yet, I get status UNREACHABLE under sip show peers and I was wondering whether I could get any tips on what I’m doing wrong…

Here are the settings found in Speedtouch’s web GUI:
Service Configuration:
Registrar: ip_1
Registrar port: 5060
Proxy: ip_1
Proxy Port: 5060
Expire time: 300

Telephone Identity:
SIP URI: 20000030211XXXXXXX
Username: 20000030211XXXXXXX
Password: sekrit
Confirm Password: sekrit
Display Name: [NULL]
Abbreviated Number: [NULL]
Port: Phone 2 (this binds a SIP account to an FXS port of the router)

Here are a few settings that might be relevant from the routers configuration backup file:

[ expr.ini ]
add name=sip type=serv proto=udp dstport=sip
add name=sip type=serv proto=tcp dstport=sip

[ labelrule.ini ]
rule add chain=qos_default_labels index=3 serv=sip log=disabled state=enabled label=VoIP

[ connection.ini ]
appconfig application=SIP trace=disabled timeout=21600 floating=enabled
appconfig application=SIP SIP_ALG=enabled RTP_predict_for_term_SIP_ALG=enabled
bind application=SIP port=5060-5060

[ voice.ini ]
sip config primproxyaddr=ip_1 secproxyaddr= proxyport=sip primregaddr=ip_1 secregaddr= regport=sip notifier_addr=ip_2 notifier_port=sip
sip config regexpire=300 regexpire_Tbefore=21 subscribe_expire=3600 CWreply=182 transport=UDP rtpmapstaticPT=enabled reinvite_stop_audio=disabled PRACK=disabled clirformat=standard DTMF*#inINFO=1011 clip_consider_displayname=yes sdp_ptime=20 replace#=enabled symmetriccodec=enabled reinvite_at_cgfax_detect=disabled SIPURI_port=enabled rport=disabled SDP_username=default ringtoneat183=disabled t38portincrement=50 ping=0 min-se=0 session-expires=0 expires=0
numbtransl config Globalnumbpostprocess=disabled
codec config type=g711u ptime=20 vad=enabled priority=3 status=enabled
codec config type=g711a ptime=20 vad=enabled priority=2 status=enabled
codec config type=g723.1 ptime_g723=30 vad=enabled priority=8 status=disabled
codec config type=g726_16 ptime=20 vad=enabled priority=7 status=disabled
codec config type=g726_24 ptime=20 vad=enabled priority=6 status=disabled
codec config type=g726_32 ptime=20 vad=enabled priority=5 status=disabled
codec config type=g726_40 ptime=20 vad=enabled priority=4 status=disabled
codec config type=g729 ptime=20 vad=enabled priority=1 status=enabled
codec dynamic config type=rfc2833 payloadtype=97
codec dynamic config type=g726_16 payloadtype=98
codec dynamic config type=g726_24 payloadtype=99
codec dynamic config type=g726_32 payloadtype=100
codec dynamic config type=g726_40 payloadtype=101
services config mwi_phone=both mwi_network=unsollicited prefix_servcode=standard servcode_cmd=standard cfu_dest="" cfnr_timer=10 cfnr_dest="" cfbs_dest="" hfhf_feature=disabled
services provision type=transfer
services activate type=transfer
services assign type=transfer servicecode=96
services assign_pxsc type=transfer action=activate servicecode=*96
services assign_pxsc type=transfer action=deactivate servicecode=#96
services provision type=hold
services activate type=hold
services assign type=hold servicecode=94
services assign_pxsc type=hold action=activate servicecode=*94
services assign_pxsc type=hold action=deactivate servicecode=#94
services provision type=waiting
services activate type=waiting
services assign type=waiting servicecode=43
services assign_pxsc type=waiting action=activate servicecode=*43
services assign_pxsc type=waiting action=deactivate servicecode=#43
services provision type=mwi
services activate type=mwi
services assign type=mwi servicecode=98
services assign_pxsc type=mwi action=activate servicecode=*98
services assign_pxsc type=mwi action=deactivate servicecode=#98
services provision type=clip
services activate type=clip
services assign type=clip servicecode=30
services assign_pxsc type=clip action=activate servicecode=*30
services assign_pxsc type=clip action=deactivate servicecode=#30
services withdraw type=clir
services deactivate type=clir
services assign type=clir servicecode=31
services assign_pxsc type=clir action=activate servicecode=*31
services assign_pxsc type=clir action=deactivate servicecode=#31
services provision type=3pty
services activate type=3pty
services assign type=3pty servicecode=95
services assign_pxsc type=3pty action=activate servicecode=*95
services assign_pxsc type=3pty action=deactivate servicecode=#95
services withdraw type=forcedFXO
services deactivate type=forcedFXO
services assign type=forcedFXO servicecode=01
services assign_pxsc type=forcedFXO action_act=activate servicecode=01
services withdraw type=cfu
services deactivate type=cfu
services assign type=cfu servicecode=21
services assign_pxsc type=cfu action_cf=activate servicecode=*21
services assign_pxsc type=cfu action_cf=deactivate servicecode=#21
services assign_pxsc type=cfu action_cf=register servicecode=*21
services withdraw type=cfnr
services deactivate type=cfnr
services assign type=cfnr servicecode=61
services assign_pxsc type=cfnr action_cf=activate servicecode=*61
services assign_pxsc type=cfnr action_cf=deactivate servicecode=#61
services assign_pxsc type=cfnr action_cf=register servicecode=*61
services withdraw type=cfbs
services deactivate type=cfbs
services assign type=cfbs servicecode=67
services assign_pxsc type=cfbs action_cf=activate servicecode=*67
services assign_pxsc type=cfbs action_cf=deactivate servicecode=#67
services assign_pxsc type=cfbs action_cf=register servicecode=*67
services withdraw type=callreturn
services assign type=callreturn servicecode=69
services assign_pxsc type=callreturn action_act=activate servicecode=69
services withdraw type=ccbs
services assign type=ccbs servicecode=37
services assign_pxsc type=ccbs action=activate servicecode=37
services assign_pxsc type=ccbs action=deactivate servicecode=#37
services assign_pxsc type=clironcall action=activate servicecode=31
services assign_pxsc type=clironcall action=deactivate servicecode=#31

services assign_pxsc type=waitingoncall action=activate servicecode=43
services assign_pxsc type=waitingoncall action=deactivate servicecode=#43

fxsport config interdigit=5000 interdigitOpen=5000
fxoport config incfxodest=all fxodisconnect=1000
qos config type=sign&control qosfield=dscp dscp=af42
qos config type=realtime qosfield=dscp dscp=ef
country config country=greece
dialplan add prefix=6 defaultport=VoIP fallbackport=FXO priority=Low fallback=enabled minimumdigits=10 maximumdigits=10 posofmodify=0 remnumdigits=0 insert="" rescan=no data=no action=ROUTE_excl_eon
dialplan add prefix=2 defaultport=VoIP fallbackport=FXO priority=Low fallback=enabled minimumdigits=10 maximumdigits=10 posofmodify=0 remnumdigits=0 insert="" rescan=no data=no action=ROUTE_excl_eon
profile add SIP_URI=20000030211XXXXXXX username=20000030211XXXXXXX password=_DEV_MD5_of_sekrit displayname="" voiceport=FXS2 abbr="“
profile add SIP_URI=20000030210YYYYYYY username=20000030210YYYYYYY password=_DEV_MD5_of_sekrit displayname=”" voiceport=FXS1 abbr=""
cac config max#portsperprofile=all
config autofxo=enabled digitrelay=auto click2dial_ports=all rtp_portrange=10007-10164 sign_internal=external static_intf=enabled intf=Internet endofnumber=# countrycode=0 delayeddisconnect=disabled delayeddisconnecttimer=60 ringmuteduration=0
fax config detect_timeout=0 early-detect-faxmodem=disabled transport=t38 udptl_redun=0

NOTE: anyone knows what the notifier_addr=ip_2 argument under [ voice.ini ] in the first line might be? I have no idea. It’s the only case I came across a second IP address, other than that, the same IP (ip_1) is encountered for both registrar and proxy options

[ servmgr.ini ]
modify name=VOIP_SIP state=enabled

Here’s the associated sip.conf entry I’ve been trying to make work:

Note: I added the user, fromuser, authname, nat arguments while experimenting, it won’t work either with or without them.