SIP Trunks Dropping calls due to SDP message?

I am experiencing an issue where calls are dropped after 90 minutes or so due to an SDP message not being responded to.

Is this a NAT issue? Is this what pedantic=no is supposed to fix?

I have seen dropped calls before but I do not recall the problem being SDP packets?


I think you are actually asking about a re-INVITE, not the presence of SDP. Most probably one due to session timers.

Unless there is something wrong with the re-INVITE, pedantic will be irrelevant. There is insufficient information to confirm a NAT problem. Firewalls also run timers.

If the far side is not responding, it could be a broken implementation.

And note that SIP session timers were re-worked heavily recently, so using the current release of 1.8 or 11 would be your best bet.

Thanks for the response guys. Maybe that’s why I am scratching my head. I didn’t think they knew what they were talking about.

Good to know about 1.8/11. I just confirmed the box is on 1.8.11.

I need to get tcpdump rotating hourly on this box.

Thanks guys.