SIP trunking not woring from asterisk server to NGX coral server exchange,please help me

SIP trunking not working from asterisk server to NGX coral server exchange,please help me

Please help us by telling us what “not working” means.

Do you mean that you cannot get a trunk connected between two systems?

Do you mean you have a trunk connected but you cannot place calls over it?

Do you mean you can place calls over a trunk but there is not audio?

Please explain to us:

a) exactly what you have configured to try to make this trunk work

b) what does and does not work, in as much detail as possible

c) what error messages, if any, are displayed by the system at either end, and
what needs to be done to generate these

d) whether you have any other SIP trunks in place on this system, perhaps to
other types of endpoints, which do work correctly

e) what SIP traffic (packet captures) you see being genarated or received by
Asterisk to/from the remote systems, and what the response/s are

Once we understand something about the setup you have, we might be able to
suggest where the problem is.


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Oh, and please tell us what version of Asterisk you are running, which
Operating System and version it is running on, and how Asterisk was installed
(packaged / source / other detail).


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