SIP Trunk with OXE R11

Hi all,

I’m newbie in Asterisk. I tried to install Asterisk 11 from CentOS 6.7 few days ago. It’s easy for me to setup sip trunk Asterisk-Asterisk, because I copy sample context sip.conf and extensions.conf from google.

Now, it’s a challenge for me when I setup sip trunk to Alcatel OXE (Release 11). I tried so many samples but unsuccessful, I think I don’t know about Asterisk so deep.

Could anyone please help me ? I think I can handle Alcatel site because I have 5 years experience.

Thank you and regards! Sry for my bad english.

Hello peaceVN

I am interested to know if you were able to solve your problem of interconnection between both systems.
Can you post your asterisk SIP configuration and Alcatel configuration ?

Thank by advance.