Sip Trunk for Asterisk

Hello Everyone,

We are looking forward for a sip trunk provider who can fulfill our following requirement.

  1. Unlimited incoming call to US/Canada.
  2. Unlimited outgoing call to US/Canada
  3. Can make simultaneous outgoing calls and receive unlimited at a same time.

Please let us know asap as we are in need of it.


Take a look at:


Hi Ian,

thanks for reply. Actually we want unlimited outgoing/incoming plan. The vendor you have suggested offers per minute plan.

Please suggest the unlimited plan if any.


Actually do offer an unlimited plan (although it’s hard to find!) but then you are limited to 2 simultaneous calls. I doubt that you will find a provider offing unlimited calling with unlimited simultaneous calls, but you could contact them to explain your requirements. Alternatively, try (I have no experience with flowroute, but others recommend them.)



following links may be useful to you.