Sip trunk + follow me

[color=#008040]i got 2 asterisk server. asterisk_A with TDM400 Card, extension 101 & 102 and asterisk_B extension 201 & 202.
the trunking work fine 101 able to cal 201 vice versa.
and also asteirisk_A and aterisk_B outgoing/incoming call from pstn.
so when i add follow me 101 -> 102 and i use 201 to call 101 with no pick up den it wil ring 102.
(outbound route 2xx in asterisk_A)
if i add 101 -> 201# and i use 102 to cal it wil ring both no problem.[/color]
[color=#FF0000]and here my problem if use 202 to cal 101 it wil ring but not 201.
same problem if i assign 201 -> 102 and use 101 to cal 201[/color].
[color=#0000FF](outgoing route 9. to pstn in asterisk_B)
and also 201 -> 9xxxxxx. when using extension 101 to cal 201 it ring but not 9xxxxxxxx.[/color]
[color=#FF0000]please help…[/color] :cry:

I think you are using a GUI. If that is AsteriskNow, there is a specific forum for it. Otherwise you need to say which.

hi david… sorry im using both asterisknow freepbx…

anyone? please… :cry:

I already said that there is a forum specially for AsteriskNow questions.

can mod move to thread to asterisknow?? or i recreate a new thread…?