SIP TCP signaling - SIP TLS - Asterisk and Eyebeam


  • I have Windows 2k Radius Server that can generate CA root and client certs. This is a main point where certificate can be request from

  • I have EyeBeam version that can select SIP TCP or SIP TLS.

  • The Asterisk 1.2.10 installed in Fedore Core 5

  • Asterisk 1.2.10 with SIP TCP patch applied and Eyebeam and register with SIP TCP.

I talked to Counterpath Eyebeam regadring hte SIP TLS, they said as far for client part, I should only install the client or server cert on Windows with Eyebeam system, which can be request from windows 2k server. The rest is relying on Fedora / Asterisk settings (they could not help).

I installed the OPENSSL in the fedore but don’t know how to import the server cert that generated from windows 2k server (*.Pfx or *.der format), with key or without.

I have tried on goolge/yahoo to search the info or howto without any luck. I would very appreciate that some one can share their knowledge.

Thnks very much for any inputs.


By the way, any one would knoe if the Asterisk win32 have support for SIP TCP and TLS as well?