SIP SUBSCRIBE fails 50% of the time in LAN environment

I have recently opened a bug report saying that Asterisk chooses way too short timeout for SIP SUBSCRIBE dialog when in LAN environment. I was told there is a config option allowing me to manipulate that parameter. I was trying to argue :smile: and was pointed that bug tracking system is not a discussion forum.

I agreee with that but I think it is fair to ask here because it is discussion forum.

So my point it: why making people dig the documentation in search for some rarely used advanced option instead of making things work out of the box? The REGISTER dialog under the same conditions works perfectly because much longer timeout is choosen. IMHO it is pretty easy to do the same with SUBSCRIBE and thus eliminate question “which parameter I have to change to make it work” from ever raising…


Well Its not that big a dig to find it, Its in the doxygen … g_sip.html

As to working out of the box, Well it does but not in your enviroment, So change the setting thats there to fix the problem.

The first rule of any system is RTFM or docs, To expect it to work out of the box is unfair.


while I absolutely agree to you that in case of any problems one should be reading docs, I still disagree in general. First of all, you are unfair too pointing me to doxygen :smile: Yes, it is very easy to find parameter there but only if you know what to look for! Believe me, there were no diagnostics saying “hello, you need adjust roundtrip time” - subscription just did not work. And it took time to investigate the problem and find the root cause.

An I just want to save others from repeating all this over an over.