SIP Softphone options


I have an asterisk-17.4.0 install on fedora32 with a Digium A4B 4-port card connected with a single Optonline landline and a Voicepulse SIP account. We are closing our satellite office and have a few Polycom VoIP phones currently connected to the asterisk system.

Currently the satellite office is connected to the main office with a libreswan VPN that the phones use to connect to the main office and the Optonline landline.

I’d like to know what softphone options exist for connecting Windows desktops and laptops to our home office or how to otherwise utilize our Voicepulse account without the need to first connect to our asterisk box at the main office.

Many years ago we had set up a VPN client running on each remote desktop/laptop back to the office, but is that still necessary?

What options exist for connecting our Polycom phones from a remote location?

Hi, no one has any ideas on where to get started with connecting a softphone with Windows to an asterisk server?

if you are asking for softphones on windows to connect to your asterisk server then there is variety of options: zoipe, blink and others …

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