Sip Registrar


How I can install sip registrar in my linux(Mandrake) system

Downlaod source and installation guidenace requested.

with regards


by registrar do you mean Asterisk ?


Sip registrar is a software which use to sip NAT/firewall issue. Most use to solve sip related issues with Router and firewall


do you really mean a STUN server ?


STUN and Registrar functionality is same

Please Gudie How I can install and configure stun sever in mandrake(Linux)

ok, whatever you say ! :open_mouth:

did you bother searching for this ? would be a good place to start. as for guidance on installing/configuration, shouldn’t you be asking the people that support it ?

this is the Asterisk users forum, it doesn’t follow that support for every application on every OS is available here. hopefully someone will be along to help you, but i think you could start by helping yourself and reading a few pages first.