Sip registered phone and ring group


I have two mobile sip phone (csipsimple app on android phones) and an analog phone plugged in an linksys spa3000. All incoming calls are directed to a ring group with every phone and a ring all strategy.

I would like the ring group to shutdown when no mobile sip phone are registered.

Is that possible ? how should I proceed ?

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Bidule from Guadeloupe

You could use the ChanIsAvail command before you do your dial to check the status of your mobile peers.

Then you can use ExecIf to only dial if your channel is available.

Thank you, I have never wrote any script and even if I think I understand what is ChanIsAvail and ExecIf I do not know how to write the script. What tuto would you recommand to learn how to write scripts for asterisk ?

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Ring group it is a Freepbx 's concept. Anyway you can use ${DIALSTATUS} variable to make a logical decision

ok I will have a look thank you very much (but I must learn how to script beforeā€¦)

How did you write your current dialplan if you have never written any scripts?

I used raspbx (on raspberry pi 3) which is with freepbx so I did all the configuration through the web interface

I would recommend looking for a support forum for that product then. I know FreePBX has a forum at I have not heard of raspx.

OK thank you very much, I will look with freepbx if it can be done through the web interface