SIP Registered, but Unknown


We recently upgraded to Asterisk 13.6. Everything was working fine until we started to receive complaints that at times calls were going directly to voicemail or one person’s phone was not ringing while the rest of the group did ring. Upon further investigation we found that the SIPs were still registered, but their status showed Unknown (sip show peer). I have performed constant pings to the phones with no packet loss so I do not believe there is a network issue.

We have tried messing with qualify settings, expiration settings, keepalive, etc…

Some phones have no issues at all, but at the moment the same 5 users experience this.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

There was a bug in 13.6 which could cause certain scheduled things to not work as expected, which is used for the qualify support. This was fixed in 13.7. I’d suggest you update to that before exploring further.

I updated to 13.7 and everything has been working again. Thank you.