Please excuse this rambling message but I really want to resolve this.

I’m running * on a FreeBSD-6.0 server. This server is behind another FreeBSD-6.1 server which runs as NATD/Gateway/Firewall for my LAN. This gateway server is connected to a Comcast Cable modem and when it’s fully funtioning I get blazing speed.

All is well with the exception that Comcast service tends to be sporadic. I’ve reported the problem to them many times and a tech was out yesterday. He said they recently fixed some problems in my neighborhood and I should not have anymore trouble. Well as usual, he was full os BS because no sooner than he left the signal went down again. It usually restores within a few minutes or perhaps an hour or so. Comcast says they don’t know what I’m talking about and just read the standard scripts when I call in to report trouble.

I’ve noticed when there seems to be a problem with Comcast that my PSTN provider registration is the only one reporting errors on the CLI monitor. The IAX connection I have with FreeWorld seems fine, but the SIP connection to my PSTN provider can report several hundred attempts to reconnect every 20 seconds during a down period. The * message file is what I’ve been watching to try and diagnosis what the problem is. There are several days at my office I use my X-Lite softphone to play Musiconhold from my * server at my home for 8-9 hours at a time without interruption so I’m not sure if Comcast is always the problem or not.

Is it normal for a SIP connection in * to try and reconnect and/or renew it’s registration so often? Is it possible that my PSTN provider is causing the problem at least some of the time as well? The phones both at home and at my office usually work but yet the message file is full of sip_reg_timeout errors. There have been days when this doesn’t happen at all and days when it happens several, actually many times during a single day.

This is important: Usually when the sip_reg_timeout errors are showing up, my Internet connection is down and none of the other machines on the LAN can access webpages or FTP etc… So I think it’s Comcast and not my PSTN provider.


I was testing this again today and it appears that it is my PSTN provider or something other than Comcast. As I watch the CLI screen fill with sip_reg_timeout notices, the Internet is working fine. And I’ll be darned if the VOIP phone is not working fine as well. I just placed a call to an outside line and it went through fine. Had some trouble getting it to hangup though but it eventually did.

Back to the drawing board…!