Sip read from UDP gives 404 Not Found error

While it’s clear that outbound dialing with siptrunk fails, it does work with a different provider, telnyx, suggesting that there’s no networking problem preventing outbound calling:

I don’t know the significance, but I do see, on line 348:

<--- SIP read from UDP: --->
SIP/2.0 404 Not Found

what does that indicate? Is that the root problem, or just a symptom?

What isn’t being found? The server at siptrunk?


See RFC 3261 for the official definitions of SIP response codes, although this one is number ubobtainable.

I searched that doc for “unobtainable” but no results.

How do you know it’s that SIP response code?

is not a SIP response code :slight_smile:

SIP response code was “404 Not Found”. It is described in RFC3261 very well.

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In British English, at least, “number unobtainable” is the name that people, including the general public, give to the tone (continuous pure tone in the UK) when you dial an invalid or out of service number. So I was trying to translate the 404 to lay terms.

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Ok, I’m on the same page now. thanks.