SIP over VPN / shadowsocks / proxy


Here is the scenario: In my country this is the 3rd time we faced issue that for some reason SIP stops registering with server, we can register SIP via VPN but what I want is to route all traffic over shadowsocks or some kind of VPN server so I do not have to install vpn on every machine. Is this a good idea?
Is there any other way I can register SIP over proxy? Would proxy server in other country be a better option?

About which country are we talking?

When you use VPN connections, you have to consider more than just plain traffic. Nowadays many VoIP providers also offer SIP over TLS with encrypted RTP.

You need to find out why the registrations do not work.

Actually the Pakistan government blocked all unregistered IPs and just notified ISP’s, not end user which created all the confusion.
I had never setup SRTP and sip over TLS before but I did found guides how to do that, my question here is do the trunk provider also need to accept SRTP and and sip over TLS or not?

Yes, the feature must be supported.

What is an “unregistered” IP in this case? Does that mean that you cannot ping the IP or get nothing whatsoever if you check it with nmap?

If the questionable IP is not a Pakistani one, I think, I cannot help you. This is probably not a forum that tries to teach to circumvent national legal restriction, regardless how bad they apparently are. That said, if the IP is actually banned, then the VPN trick also won’t work for long. In the past I had connections to China, where various VPN tricks worked also only for a couple of weeks…

I totally agree with that, Actually I’m assuming they have blocked but when I asked legal team, they told me we are fulfilling all the government requirements. And if they had blocked it, it should be blocked permanently not for few hours. Currently its working fine for me but I’m configuring VPN for future if something happens like that.

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