SIP Hard Phone

Hey everyone,
I just got myself a nice cheap SIP phone. For some reason, it’s acting really funky. I set up an SIP extension for it in Asterisk admin, and configured the phone correctly. The phone logs in okay, pulls an IP from the DHCP server, and authenticates to the Asterisk server okay. It recognized when there was new voicemail, etc. However, for some reason, whenever I try to call that phone, Asterisk tells me that the user is on the phone. When I try to dial other extensions from this phone, it gives me a busy tone. I can’t figure out what’s wrong.


I’d recommend running asterisk in verbose mode first and duplicate the trouble you’re referring to and see what is outpulsed. If you can’t figure it out with that, past the verbose output to the forum and see if someone on here can assist.

What is Verbose mode, and how do I put AAH in it?

ssh into the box (or at the console)

type asterisk -rvvvv
then sip debug

to stop debug do sip no debug

for a list of commands type help