SIP dump just has INVITE, BYE, ACK


Established a SIP trunk from Asterisk (IP = x.x.x.x )with an operator MSC (IP = z.z.z.z) and routed a number from operator side to our Asterisk platform for test purposes.

When we are making a test call, in dump file can see only INVITE, BYE, ACK from z.z.z.z to x.x.x.x but cannot see any answers back from our platform x.x.x.x IP, however the calling party was able to hear the test prompt so calls are successfully

Maybe there are some configs on asterisk that can filter the dump or other reasons, did anyone face some similar issue?

update the verbose configuration in asterisk to see all the details.
try asterisk -vvvr to see all the logs while using console

I’ve been played with verbosity levels but didn’t help,

the dump info is still unidirectional only packets from operator MSC side to my Asterisk platform