SIP Debug Colors for SIP Packages

Cheers Folks,

is it possible to have the SIP Packages with “sip set debug” colored for easy readability when live debugging?
Like only having the text “INVITE” “REGISTER” and so on in different colors?

Thx in advance

There’s nothing built in for that, no.

Any idea where i would start if i wanna build something for that?

That depends. If you mean adding it to the CLI command itself, you’d need to examine the chan_sip.c source code, determine where it is, how to make it colored, implement it, etc.

Note that chan_sip is going to be removed in Asterisk 21. We also don’t accept feature changes for it, so any changes you make for this won’t go into it.

Yeah i know. You are right. Might be not worth it. Most PJSIP debuggin will be handled through History. Might just install Homer instead. Thanks for your help

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