SIP crash on outdoing call

Hi Everybody,

I have a problem with with outgoing calls Asterisk crash when acknowledge the connection. The incoming calls are OK.

[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[15417]: channel.c:2986 ast_internal_timing_enabled: Internal timing is disabled (option_internal_timing=0 chan->timingfd=34)
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[15417]: chan_sip.c:9651 add_sdp: Done building SDP. Settling with this capability: 0x100 (g729)
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[15417]: chan_sip.c:3016 initialize_initreq: Initializing already initialized SIP dialog 47599549603048a3397eaaf11e4565a1@ esumably reinvite)
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[15417]: chan_sip.c:3289 __sip_xmit: Trying to put 'INVITE sip' onto UDP socket destined for
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[14068]: chan_sip.c:3754 __sip_ack: Acked pending invite104
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[14068]: chan_sip.c:3791 __sip_ack: Stopping retransmission on '47599549603048a3397eaaf11e4565a1@' of Request 104: Match Found
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[14068]: chan_sip.c:16796 handle_response_invite: SIP response 200 to RE-invite on outgoing call 47599549603048a3397eaaf11e4565a1@
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[14068]: chan_sip.c:7625 process_sdp: SDP version number same as previous SDP. Not parsing this SDP.
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[14068]: chan_sip.c:5282 update_call_counter: Updating call counter for outgoing call
[Jul 27 17:18:10] DEBUG[14068]: chan_sip.c:3289 __sip_xmit: Trying to put 'ACK sip:+3' onto UDP socket destined for
Disconnected from Asterisk server
Executing last minute cleanups
[root@ns asterisk]# 

Can someone help me?


Read docs/backtrace.txt and submit the results of following that procedure to