Sip.conf [general] and [globals]

I have some questions regarding [general] and [globals]. According to “Asterisk The Future Telephony” P 337. it is saying
"the [general] section, which is not a channel, is the area where global protocol parameters are defined."

At same time, in my sip.conf, (which should work as same as iax.conf ) we have both [general] section and [globals] section. if the [general] section should be filled with global protocol parameters, why we still need [globals] section.
If there are difference that I put parameters defined in [general] section or [globals] sections ?

For example, If I have my sip.conf wrote like this



I did some testing that, it seems that when I put “alwaysauthreject=yes”, “allowguest=no” like in the globals, I still would get a lot of this kind of information:

[May XXX] NOTICE[833]: chan_sip.c:21549 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘“XXX” sip:XXX@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX’ failed for ‘XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX’ - Peer is not supposed to register
[May XXX] ERROR[833]: chan_sip.c:13006 register_verify: Peer ‘sting’ is trying to register, but not configured as host=dynamic

But after I put those two parameters down to the [general] section. I would not have those messages, It seems “alwaysauthreject=yes”, “allowguest=no” these two parameters works. And my Questions are, first, If it means that I have to put all those parameters belong to [general], second, how [globals] sections would work.


There is no code in 1.6.1’s sip.conf that would treat a globals section any different from a normal SIP device section!