Sip.conf - accept_outofcall_messages not recognized

Running Asterisk 11.4 w/ DPMA 1.6.

I’m getting the following error on SIP RELOAD

[Jun 6 09:43:18] ERROR[13459]: phone_users.c:3815 process_message_config: accept_outofcall_messages must be enabled in sip.conf for res_digium_phone to function properly

Here’s the relative section of sip.conf

[general] accept_outofcall_messages=yes outofcall_message_context=dpma_message_context auth_message_requests=no callcounter=yes

So far I haven’t noticed any phones misbehaving as a result of this. Everything’s acting just like it should.

Right, it’s the result of a typo in the code. You’re not being adversely affected. The correct sip.conf option is:


But res_digium_phone thinks it’s looking for:


Fortunately, the default for accept_outofcall_message is enabled, so you won’t actually experience a problem, other than the message. We’ve corrected the issue going forward, but since it’s just a stray log message we haven’t cut a release specifically for it.


Good to know. Thanks for the info…