SIP Client not sending OPTIONS request

I am having an Asterisk server running and my two SIP clients are connected to this server correctly. The server sends OPTIONS request to SIP clients on periodic intervals when option qualify is turned yes. I would like to know why the SIP clients is not sending OPTIONS request to server and what need to be done to accomplish this. I am using free SIP clients in Android phone

Only SIP clients an send OPTIONS! The Asterisk daemon is acting as a client when it sends OPTIONS.

Whether the peers do or do not send OPTIONS is a question for those peers, and not something controlllable by the central system. There is nothing in the SIP specification that requires OPTIONS to be sent at all.

If you mean why are the SIP servers in the Android phones sending responses to the OPTIONS requests, that are being successfully received by the SIP client in Asterisk, that is typically due to NAT or firewall misconfiguration, although one should also consider the that the Android OS may have put the SIP servers to sleep.

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