First off, forgive me if this is a completely obvious answer; I’m new to all of this. I need to make some changes to the sip file but I noticed you cannot edit this file. I do not have a company specific .cfg file so I assume I need to make one that can override the sip.cfg settings. I will need to modify the polycom volume settings (make the volume level stay the same for every call) and I need to setup the ring-answer for the intercom. What should a typical format for my company specific .cfg file be like? And how would I set up each phone to use this file to override sip.cfg settings? Thanks so much!

I noticed that for a general question, you either get a general answer or RTFM answer.

-Same volume level for everycall: this is going to be a hard problem because a call volume level is dependent on many issues. If you track the problem down to polycom phones, you should be able to set the gain within polycom itself. Otherwise, unless there is AGC (automatic gain control), I think this would be hard to resolve.

-Typical .conf: If you want a solution almost ready to go, I guess one of those asterisk appliances would be a better solution for you. Otherwise, you need to get down and dirty with the configuration parameters.

I know this is not what you had in mind, for I started the same way. I found the “free” solution to be not so free considering the investment (time and effort) I had to make.