SIP CallerID name with local letters

I’m struggling to find any information on how to set CallerID Name to local letters like æ, ø, å, ö, ß. Can anyone help me on how to set these letters in Asterisk CallerID name so it would be showen correctly?

For SIP, using UTF-8 in the configuration file. If not SIP, please tell us what protocol you are using.

I don’t know how well typical phones handle characters outside the core ASCII (7 bit) range. I’m pretty sure I failed with Chinese characters.

Yes we are usin the SIP protocol.

I have checked and the configuration file is stored in UTF-8. We are seeing the same issue with real time peers.

Then look at what is on the wire. Maybe the phone doesn’t support non-ASCII characters.

What is the phone displaying in place of the problem character?