SIP call to Asterisk over the Internet

Is it possible to use a SIP soft phone such as SJPhone to call an Asterisk system with a public IP?

Does that SIP soft phone have to be a on a public IP also?

Hi Kostya,
If It is the same X-Lite, the softphone needn’t a public IP.
You can use ADSL or DSL…
Quoc Viet

You can use any softphone to call asterisknow over internet, i suggest a softphone called ZOIPER “idefisk” from the site (

What about possible NATs in between the SIP phone and the public Asterisk system? I have heard older routers don’t support SIP or cause problems.

My asteriskNow server is completely behind NAT (a D-Link firewall is used for NATing & Netgear router is used to connect to internet), you should map the following ports: TCP/UDP(5060-5070) & UDP(5000-20000) from external to your asterisknow server. I call office even i’m at home behind NAT.
What is the router that you use to connect to internet?

My Asterisk system will actually be sitting on a public IP (not behind a NAT). I’m concerned about the remote user who will use a SIP phone to dial my Asterisk system. What if they are behind a NAT, or on the other side of the world where the data has to traverse many routers (I’m in the US, so India for example)?

My case is the most diffecult (server and client are behind nat), to successefuly make a call you have to assign a stun server in the client side, the softphone that i sent you is set by default, try it then inform me about the result. you can reach me on yahoo messenger (mahalfy) :smile:

I am actually going to use a proprietary SIP phone that I have access to the code for. I may try to implement STUN capabilities into the SIP phone but I’m still foggy on how STUN helps.

I want to be able to deliver the custom SIP phone to someone and have them call my public Asterisk system regardless of where they are. They will only be making one SIP call from that system / network to my system at a time.

let me try using FXS from my home (behind NAT) without setting STUN server to check if port mapping is only or not.
It will be a favour of you to send me a copy of the softphone that you are developing.
Thanks & Regards