SIP and IAX2 not working with new DSL Modem and service

A@H 1.5
3 x100p fxo pots
VoipJet IAX2 outbound trunk
BroadVoice SIP inbound trunk

All was working before new Modem/Gateway/Router/Firewall/Switch and new service.

The new modem is a Zoom x5 5654 ADSL. The new service is PPPoA V-MUX. I have forwarded ports 1800 to 20000. I have added NAT=yes in my sip.conf.

When I try to make an outbout long-distance call, it tries the VoiceJet IAX2 for about 20 seconds then goes to the first avail ZAP channel. The Broadvoice is not registering, but looks like it is continually trying. Here is a small piece of the log file:

– Registration for '’ timed out, trying again
Scheduled a registration timeout # 449


VERBOSE[1304]: – AGI Script fixlocalprefix completed, returning 0
VERBOSE[1304]: – Executing SetVar(“SIP/202-94db”, “OUTNUM=19995551212”) in new stack
VERBOSE[1304]: – Executing Cut(“SIP/202-94db”, “custom=OUT_5|:|1”) in new stack
DEBUG[1304]: Expression is ‘0’
VERBOSE[1304]: – Executing GotoIf(“SIP/202-94db”, “0?19”) in new stack
DEBUG[1304]: Not taking any branch
VERBOSE[1304]: – Executing Dial(“SIP/202-94db”, “IAX2/9999@voipjet/19995551212”) in new stack
VERBOSE[1304]: – Called 9999@voipjet/19995551212
NOTICE[1304]: – Registration for '’ timed out, trying again
DEBUG[1304]: Scheduled a registration timeout # 456
WARNING[1304]: Maximum retries exceeded on call -cut_MD5_string-@ for seqno 250 (Critical Request)
NOTICE[1304]: – Registration for '’ timed out, trying again
DEBUG[1304]: Scheduled a registration timeout # 458
WARNING[1304]: Maximum retries exceeded on call -cut_MD5_string-@ for seqno 251 (Critical Request)
WARNING[1304]: Max retries exceeded to host on IAX2/voipjet/1 (type = 6, subclass = 1, ts=19, seqno=0)
DEBUG[1304]: We’re hanging up IAX2/voipjet/1 now…
VERBOSE[1304]: – Hungup 'IAX2/voipjet/1’
VERBOSE[1304]: == No one is available to answer at this time

Then it goes to my ZAP channels.

Sorry if I’m posting too much or not enough. I’m fairly new to Asterisk.

Thanks in advance for any help (not that I won’t thank you again, just though I would do a little pre-help kiss-up)


and you haven’t changed configs from the previous service ? was Asterisk not behind a NAT previously ? what’s does sip.conf and your register string for broadvoice look like ?

have you checked to see those ports are actually being forwarded ? your ISP isn’t blocking any ?

I’m not in the office yet. I’ll post the sip.conf and broadvoice info when I get there. Other than the sip.conf, I haven’t changed anything with asterisk. Are there other config changes that need to be made?

Also, it wasn’t behind a NAT router before, but it was behind NAT if I understand it correctly. They had one computer connected to the internet via an internal DSL modem with a public IP. Then the other computers and phones were networked via 2 switches.

The DSL provider is the same, but I’ve upgraded from a 640k PPPoE to a 7mb PPPoA.

Is there anything that needs to change for the PPPoA vs. the PPPoE?
Did I need to make changes to the broadvoice register string?
Are there any settings that need to be changed for the VoiceJet IAX2 connection?

How can I check to see if the ports are being forwarded?
The router shows the number of packets that have used each port forwarding rule and shows 0 for the rules I setup.

Ok, I have solved my problem and just thought I should post it for anyone with future problems.

When I got into the office I decided to test my connection from the Asterisk box with a wget command. When that didn’t work I knew it wasn’t anything to do with NAT. Then I remembered that my system was on the 192.168.0.x when I got the router. The router was on 10.0.0.x. I couldn’t find the setting on the router to change it at first and had set Asterisk box to 10.0.0.x. After finding the settings on the router I changed everything back to 192.168.0.x. When I changed it back in netconfig, I left the default gateway at Now I have changed it back to and all is well.

Thank you baconbuttie for your help.