SIP-Address for Deutsche Telekom

Hi all!

This question is for users of Deutsche Telekom…

I always used as Server for the communication via PJSIP.

Today I discovered, that the address does not resolve anymore…

Do someone knows if Telekom changed the endpoint for PJSIP?
What is the new endpoint?

Luca Bertoncello

No, is correct for “Deutsche Telekom”. I think it is a problem with DNS. is not an A record in DNS but a SRV record. it resolves to three entries. I think the main candidate is unreachable or does not respond to SIP.
You can check this with

host -t SRV

You will get three entries like has SRV record 30 0 5060 has SRV record 10 0 5060 has SRV record 20 0 5060

Check the entry prio 10 like


If the first entry is not reachable, asterisk should use the second one. As far as I know asterisk uses always the entry with highest priority.

Best regards

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