Simple configure file for simple call

Could you please give me some example configuration for simple call(one soft phone call to another soft phone)

These are my configured config. file :

context=incoming ; Default context for incoming calls

port=5060 ; UDP Port to bind to (SIP standard port is 5060)
bindaddr= ; IP address to bind to ( binds to all)
;srvlookup=yes ; Enable DNS SRV lookups on outbound calls
; Note: Asterisk only uses the first host
; in SRV records
; Disabling DNS SRV lookups disables the
; ability to place SIP calls based on domain
; names to some other SIP users on the Internet

type = friend
host = dynamic
username = poy
secret = poy
context = incoming

type = friend
host = dynamic
username = poy1
secret = poy1
context = incoming






exten => poy,1,Dial(SIP/poy)
exten => poy1,1,Dial(SIP/poy1)[/code]

Is that correct!
If it isn’t ,Please correct me