Show the status and the list of all users

Hello guys, I would like to see the status and the list of all users connected to asterisk, how can I do it? There is also a softphone that can you advice to me?


What do you mean by users? pjsip has the pjsip show contacts cli command.

I mean in the softphone, I would like to have a list of all extension with the status (idle, in conversation, dnd)

This sounds more like BLF functionality. A softphone would have to support that, better phones usually have some lamps (or many).

Set device state and then with the command core show hints you can see device status on the asterisk cli

Yes it’s BLF functionality, but do you had some experience regarding the softphone?
Because I don’t know how can I do this. I thought to install an ldap server for the list of all extensions but I don’t know which is the best way to enable the function BLF.

What do you mean? I need the BLF function with the extensions number in the softphone…

That’s a feature of the softphone. The softphone is responsible for requesting the information from Asterisk, responding to updates, and displaying it. Asterisk doesn’t control that aspect of it.

I tried a lot of softphone but without success…can you recommend one open source that manage the BLF?

The features doesn’t make too much sense without blinking lights in hardware. Softphones focus on other mechanisms like presence state, but that’s not the same.

how can I enable the presence state in the softphone?

Yes or no, it depends on the softphone. You need to check the docs of your softphone. This is the wrong forum for that.

finally I fixed the problem, I added in the extension.conf “exten = 1000,hint,SIP/Frank”.


There is subscription for both presence and dialog-info, including remote identity display in my tSIP softphone: