Show peers where DTMFmode is inband

How can I list the peers who has dtmf in band mode?

Need clarity on your question?

i need list all peers when dtmf mode is in inband mode

Are you using Asterisk Realtime Architecture? (If not some programming is likely to be needed.)

Which SIP channel driver are you using?

Are you using manually created configuration files? If so, are you using templates?

There is no such command in asterisk. you can check available commands
Here: book-asterisk-101/ at master · antonraharja/book-asterisk-101 · GitHub

The list of command is far from complete, although I’d agree that there is no one command that will do what the OP wants.

If the OP is still using chan_sip, against the general advice, I suspect it can be done by doing “sip show peers”, processing the output to get a list of names, then doing “sip show peer” on each one. However, unless some third party code is creating configuration on the fly, I don’t think it will be the easiest approach.

I’m pretty sure that some of the commands that are listed are either deprecated or obsolete. There has been a trend to require at least “core” in front of commands that used to be to level ones.

Yes, im using chan_sip.

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