Show external ipadress in in VIA header

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We have made a device for getting speech and image on the smartphone.
When we try now to register the device ( based on a raspberry PI with asterisk 11.13.1) on VOIP provider, the register does not work.

See joined picture more info.

Any solution for resolving this

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Providing text as images is not very helpful.

Note that chan_sip should not be used for new systems, except in special cases, as bugs are unlikely to be fixed and few people on the forum are still familiar with it.

Your title doesn’t make sense, as the picture shows that the VIA address is the public one.

If you getting the public address in the Via header, there are parts of your sip.conf that you have failed to provide. However, if you are behind NAT, a public address on the IP header and private address on the IP header is correct; the router should change the IP header.

nat= is not the primary control for Asterisk inside NAT. That is externip and localnets.


When is use the same credentials on a SPA112 from Cisco , i have no problem.
I do not use chan_sip

In that case, why did ypu provide a picture of a chan_sio configuration?

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i use sip.conf


i have investigate further and i show that REGISTER packet in the Contact filed the s i.e. of the user.
si i have Contact:sip:s@ipadress:5067 i.e. Contact sip:1003@ipadress:5067

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