Shindler Elevator on FXS port

Hi all,

I’ve connected a shindler elevator on a FXS port on my asterisk/elastix machine, it works fine but elevator and shindler central comunicate by DTMF codes, when eleveator side (fxs) sends some dtmf codes (ie: ## or others) it put shindler central listen to music (like on hold)

Is any way to allow all codes to flow ? configuring asterisk not to listen to dtmf on that extencion ?

tanks in advance



Just go to the feature codes page in elastix and change the feature code to another code.

will have to change all my phones just because a elevator… and i don’t really know what the elevator sends… probably will send othe kind of combinations and will get in troouble again…

Given that your question is about Elastix, not Asterisk, Ian’s answer may well be the best one. However, for Asterisk, whether or not DTMF is looked at at all is controlled by options on the Dial applicaton call (e.g. T and t), i.e. it is determined by the destination number (although could be influenced by contexts and variables). If none of those are set, Asterisk will not look at the DTMF stream (and the call is a candidate for direct media).

Incidentally, I believe the company in question is Schindler (with a c).

can you helpme me disable that ?

I know nothing about how Elastix structures its dialplans. You need to ask on an Elastix forum.

i can change it in asterisk…


If the lift sends a code that matched a code in elastix then I have told you what to do, you change it to another code such as *1 in the elastix feature codes. then if you have users using the ## method to transfer then tell them the new code.

there are other options avalible to you but will take too long to go into the here.

that is not an option…

should be an easy way to do this…


Ok, then you will need to hard code it. creating a custom dialstring that the lift calls that does not have wWTt in it.
But as I sad too long to go into here, very simple to do, are you conversant with the asterisk dialplan ?