Shared maibox

Hello everyone.

I’m having troubles with creating a shared mailbox for two extensions. From what I could find on internet, if you’ve got extensions 101 and 102, a way to do it would be:

The problem is that whenever someone hits the above VoiceMail command, the announcement that is played back to the caller always says “the person on extension 101 is unavailable”, doesn’t matter if the caller dialed 101 or 102.

Is it possible to configure a shared mailbox where the welcome message would play the correct dialed extension?

According to the application description (read from the trunk version of the source code, but if you have the code, "core show application voicemail should provide the same information), this doesn’t create a shared mailbox but rather causes multiple copies of the message to be saved, in different mailboxes. The description explicitly says that announcement will be based on the first listed mailbox.

If you want to share a mailbox, you should use the same name (which probably won’t be the name of an extension) for both extensions, but suppress the normal greeting and use Playback to send a customised greeting.