Share Line Appearance (SLA) for groups/queue with SPA9x2


I want to configure Asterisk to show me the groups/queues status on my SPA962 phone,
similar what FOP can do in FreePBX.

If there is an incoming call to a Trunk, it will forwarded to the groups/queues and the members extensions of them will ring.
Imagine there is a queue “300” which receives calls from the Trunk “LA” and a queue “301” which receives calls from the Trunk “NY”.

On my phone I want to see the incoming calls for these queues.
I will know by looking on phone where the incoming call is coming from.
I need only BLF for this and only for incoming calls.
How can i setup this ?

A solution might be virtual extensions (i.e. 299 and 298) which are subscribed to these queues.
But as they are not “registered”, I can not get BLF status of it on my phone.
If there is a way to register these virtual extensions, maybe it resole my problem.

I studied the doc from Russell (SLA (Shared Line Appearances) - Key System Functionality), but it did not help much.

Please help me !

Thanks in advance