SetTransferCapability function

Hi Experts,

Can you explain me what is the use of SetTransferCapability function and in which condition we can use this ?



It defines bearer capability on ISDN bearer channels and is used to distinguish, generally, between voice and data calls. See: … on_CHANNEL


Thanks for details.

Can you tell me when we can use this function ? Is this function help to generate second call on same PRI channel for transfer call ?



You’d use it before creating an outbound call, or if you needed to reset it on an inbound call before sending it somewhere else.

No, it’s not for putting two calls across the same bearer channel.

To expand on what Malcolm wrote:

Transfer refers to the information transfer capabilities (i.e. what sorts of information it can carry) and has no connection to the word “transfer” in attended transfer and similar phrases, which refers to the movement of call end points.