Setting up trunk with HT503

Hello all,

I wondered if the forum can help me with this problem. I want to setup a trunk from the FXO port of a HT503 device to Asterisk, i am still running Asterisk 1.8
Problem is that the HT503 device does not support receiving register messages from Asterisk (sip reply: REGISTER unsupported) which is the default behaviour. The HT503 can send himself register messages to Asterisk, but i am not sure Asterisk is expecting this for clients, not trunks. Anyway, i have succeeded into making this work, but the “trunk” status in Asterisk always displays “unrecognized trunk”. I don’t know why. I think the system works because Asterisk does not maintain a permanent connection to the device (current ip address is set to dynamic). When the trunk is needed to route outgoing traffic, i think Asterisk first needs to setup the trunk and then make the call, which adds some delay. I want to eliminate this, plus render the state of the trunk to “Registered”, even if it is not Asterisk himself that has sent the register packet with the remote party. Anyone succeeded in setting up a trunk to FXO on HT503 and getting the trunk status is “Registered” ?

Asterisk doesn’t know what a trunk is. There is no real difference between an incoming “trunk” and an “extension” making outgoing calls. The only difference the other way is whether or not digits are forwarded. Registration is orthogonal to this. You probably want to do everything with static addresses.