Setting Party A with CDR_PROP

I am trying to set Party_A on CDR with CDR_PROP.
I would like to set 7055 as Party_A.
Exemple: SIP/7050 calls extension SIP/7055.

exten => 7055,1,NoOp()
 same =>     n,Dial(SIP/7055,,b(default^callee_handler^1))
 same =>     n,Hangup()

exten => callee_handler,1,NoOp()
 same =>                n,Set(CDR_PROP(party_a)=true)
 same =>                n,Return()

But it didn’t occur any change on channel and dstchannel, it still storaging channel
= SIP/7050-00000575 and dstchannel = SIP/7055-00000576