Setting fax localstationid

hello all,
I have an asterisk 1.6.1 and I use Digium Fax for Asterisk to send and receive fax. All working fine but I have only one issue: I have a range of external number and my provider let me to set the CLID to one of them for my outbound calls. When I Dial a call I’m able to set the CLID in setting the CALLERID(num) variable in this way:

exten = s,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=02xxxxxxx)
exten = s,n,Dial(${ARG1})

but when I send a FAX I’m not able to set the CLID. I tried to set the CALLERID variable and also the fax option locastationid in this way:
exten => s,n,Set(FAXOPT(localstationid)=02xxxxxxxx)

but all my faxes are sent using the DEFAULT CLID.
could someone help me to solve this issue?

hello All,
I upgraded th system to asterisk and now the CLID is correctly set.