Setting custom USEROUTCID when using AMI Originate

Hi everyone,
I have played around with AMI Originate for a while now and one thing a never get right is the USEROUTCID.

I want to use AMI Originate in a new telemarketing program i’m developing but the thing that stops me from using it is that the CID always get set by the Trunks “main” CID.

Is there a way to set the USEROUTCID via AMI Originate? And why isnt AMI Originate using the extensions USEROUTCID?

// Filip

You should first eliminate the possibility that your PSTN gateway operator is doing this. It is probably the normal case that PSTN gateways will only allow you to present numbers that they know belong to you.

Hi David55, i’m 100% sure this is not the SIP-trunk operator that is setting the CID. When originating the call its the trunks-default CID that is set and the USEROUTCID is empty.

But when doing a normal call from the same SIP-device the USEROUTCID is set as usual and overides the trunk-default CID.

Happy Holidays!