Setting confbridge max_members does not work


Setting confbridge max_members in dialplan does not work:

    -- Executing [+1234567@conf-start:12] Set("PJSIP/test-00000006", "CONFBRIDGE(bridge,max_members)=2") in new stack
    -- Executing [+1234567@conf-start:13] ConfBridge("PJSIP/test-00000006", "Test-Telco,default_bridge,default_user,tf_menu") in new stack

I was able to dial in three and more users after setting the max to 2.

Tried with both asterisk 16 and 17

You are explicitly specifying “default_bridge” to use. The dynamic one created using CONFBRIDGE is only used if no profile is specified[1].


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Got it, thanks a lot!

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