Set Outbound Prefix to Incoming Caller ID

Hi All,

could anyone help me on how to add the outbound prefix 9 to all incoming calls from Zaptel (PSTN)

i have the problem after i get a missed call on the phones and i want to dial back that it doesnt work because the outbound prefix is missing.

of course internal extension should not get the prefix added.

any help in this case is really appreciated

for the incoming context-

exten => whatever,1,Set(CALLERID(number)=9${CALLERIDNUM})
exten => whatever,2,doSomethingElse

just make it so only incoming calls go through this and normal extension calls don’t

hope that helps!

Dear Helix,
thanks for the input will try it out ASAP
also will try to get rid of the 9 at all
with this solution…

thanks i really appreciate you help and will update if successfull

huh? what do you mean by that?

Dear Helix,

i tried to enter the 9 as per your sample but i get a loop and it adds unlimited 9 untill i stop calling
any ideas?
thanks and best regards

if it gets stuck in a loop, then whatever priority 2 is for it is probably sending it back.

post extensions.conf?

Dear Helix,
thanks for your help we really appreciate
we managed to find it out and fix the issue now everything works perfectly
our client is happy :smile: and his 200 users too

thanks a lot