Set global Variable not possible anymore

I have an Asterisk16.x. I can’t set global variables anymore:
same => n,Set(GLOBAL(TOGGLEVAR225)=0)
Always get an error at cli:
ERROR[3035][C-00000001]: pbx_functions.c:699 ast_func_write: Function GLOBAL not registered

How can I set global Variables using Asterisk16

Do you have the func_global module loaded? It is what provides such functionality.

Thanks. I never had to do that in the past. In the modules.conf?

It depends on how exactly things are configured. If autoload is on then it should load automatically, you’d need to consult the Asterisk startup log messages to see if it was attempted and failed for some reason. If autoload is off then you have to explicitly configure it in modules.conf to load.

Yes, it’s off. I load it manually:
load =
Thanks a lot!!!