Set CID on outgoing POTS calls?

Have you set the CID on outgoing calls using a plain analog connection? Did it work?

I haven’t tried it yet, was wondering whether anyone had seen it work…

One of my installs asked if they could always have the main number show up as the calling party when dialing out on any one of their 12 pots lines…

It looks like I won’t have any connection to the called party until after the line is connected. Therefore, it’s up to the Telco to set the CID. A buddy told me he thought the Telco might forward CID info, looks like he was wrong.

I’ll bet if I called AT&T they’d have a fee-based way of doing it. Otherwise, I’ll need to move this location to a PRI.

You’re right – there is no way for you to set it, and the telco (in my experience, anyway) probably isn’t willing to do a custom CID, although they could if they wanted to. At 12 lines, though, it is likely to be cost effective to get a PRI anyway, so that may be the best solution.


Analog lines are pretty much useless as far as sending things other than calls over them.

Using SIP/IAX VoIP lines or PRI allows you to do all sorts of cool things you can do with a plain analog line.

When you consider it’s analog and not digital, it’s the same as everything else analog, you really can’t pass data over an analog anything.

Cell phones for example, instant messages, voicemail alerts etc. never worked until the phones became digital.

Same deal here, hope this helps.

Most providers wont allow it. There is no need for the average POTS user to set thier own CID. If it is a must have a look at a T1, (ISDN - Sometimes depending where you are), and or VOIP with providers that allow you to set your CID.

Good luck !!

I’ve got a couple of other sites using PRIs. This site has been resistant, but the inability to do what we’re talking about here may be the last piece of impetus I need to get them into a PRI.

It’s too bad the phone company doesn’t make the pricing structure for ordering one simpler. I’ll do the research and disseminate it, but a week later, it all changes.