Service Provider Unreachable


I am newbee to asterisk. I downloaded Switchvox free edition ISO and installed on my PC. I configured a Service Provider. However the System Details page shows the Service Provider state as “Unreachable” but when I click on Diagnose option, all the tests are passing fine. I am not able to make calls nor receive calls because of this problem.

I forwarded the UDP ports 5060 and 10000-20000 on my modem.

Error log is attached below. Can some one help me debug this issue?

Your response is greatly appreciated.

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Error Log:

1 05/06/2009 3:09 AM WARNING codec_g729.c: Failed to initialize G.729 copy protection!
2 05/06/2009 3:09 AM WARNING Last Message Repeated 1 times
3 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE codec_g729.c: Copyright © 1998-2006 The OpenSSL Project
4 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE codec_g729.c: for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
5 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE codec_g729.c: This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project
6 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE codec_g729.c: “register” utility, or ask for a copy from Digium.
7 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE codec_g729.c: Please see the full license text supplied by the accompanying
8 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE codec_g729.c: This module is supplied under a commercial license granted by Digium, Inc.
9 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE codec_g729.c: G.729 transcoding module version 31, Copyright © 1999-2007 Digium, Inc.
10 05/06/2009 3:09 AM WARNING chan_sip.c: Got 404 Not found on SIP register to service 7348641122@sip_provider_102, giving up
11 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘’ failed for ‘’ - Username/auth name mismatch
12 05/06/2009 3:09 AM NOTICE asterisk.c: PBX starting up

You have the wrong user-id for the service provider. You are sending 7348641122 but that doesn’t exist on their system.

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for your reponse. I tried the same user id and password through x-lite softphone and was able to make call and receive calls. However the Service Provider is still showing as Unreachable. Any best way to debug if my NAT settings(port forwardings) are properly configured. Anything else that I might have messed up.

Please help!!!

Thanks and Regards

sip set debug will tell you exactly what you are sending. It is, I suppose, possible that it is trying to match the host name part of the address.